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I was thankful when God finally blessed the people with AIDS and and all sorts of venereal diseases but they still cursed Him.

I was frugal living in a land where everyone was the enemy of frugality.

Salesmen would daily arm-twist us to comply from when we turned on the television to driving on the freeways where giant signs and temptations covered highways, byways, streets and buildings.

This was the ‘rampant capitalism’ they called ‘freedom’.

The collective view of the whole earth at the time ended up drowning in death and error.

I was an introvert and to me popularity was the zebras gathering around the waterhole while wisdom was to make it last and only drink when the lion got his fill of the fastest popular pedigree zebras.

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  1. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to be around people who have similar beliefs and values and who can relate to the experiences you’ve been through and lifestyle you live.