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With a few bucks, an i Phone or Android device, a charger, and some tape or a tripod for mounting purposes, you can monitor whatever you want. Note: Before beginning, make sure you’re using a wireless network that is secure and password-protected.

Setting this up on an unprotected network is not advised, as someone may be able to access your network without your permission.

If you’re worried about the apps working correctly, Alfred and Warden Cam may be the better options since they feature ongoing support. Note: You will need to give IP Webcam complete control of your Android phone’s camera for this to work, meaning no other apps can use the camera while IP Webcam is running.

Once the app is running, set up your smartphone wherever you want to monitor, plug it into an AC adapter, and move on to the instructions below.

Moreover, both Alfred and Warden Cam have in-app purchases that allow you to upgrade to ad-free versions.

The trio of apps all offer the same thing in terms of features, whether you’re in need of motion detection, night vision, or the ability to review events that took place while you were away.

If you’re itching to keep an eye on someone (or someplace), but have a limited budget to work with, fear not. You don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive equipment to spy or monitor an area anymore — though, some of the best home security cameras are more affordable than you might think.

There are ways to get an IP Camera working, but they can cost you a monthly subscription fee and may not be worth the investment despite how affordable they can initially seem.

Meanwhile, Presence has a browser version that you must register to use.

On the Android side, Alfred is probably the easiest to use since it already has its own browser version that supports both Google Chrome and Fire Fox — you just need to log in with the same account info used in the app.

Presence by People Power is a jack-of-all-trades automation app that offers free connectivity to another i OS device for viewing, but no video recording or other advanced technology.

The free version of the app lets you view a live stream of your monitored area, and will push notifications when something happens nearby.

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