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I will greatly appreciate your response so i can further with the purchase -Regards, Gracey-email sent from my i Pad G (at&t)® Via Top Chef Wi-Fi Connection USA-A jazz musician can improvise based on his knowledge of music-He understands how things go together-For a chef, once you have that basis, that's when cuisine is truly exciting, Gracey- Live, Love,and Laugh It's Asset Acceptance, a junk debt-collection agency that only employs sleezey- Once you enter into a re-payment agreement or a payment arrangement with them they change the rules midstream because they are unscrupulous psychopaths- Plus, they tape-record every word of the conversation even if they claim that they aren't recording it- They have a sophisticated Software App that allows them to program a different caller phone number into their system (known as Spoofing) so the phone # that displays on your ID Caller is not the actual #- This way, they don't appear anonymous, while actually being anonymous , sleeze baggery at it's finest- If you call them back you get one of those real fast busy signals, which means it's a bogus phone number- Asset Acceptance has over phone numbers that they call from and that number might be as high as -A personal note to AA crooks and criminals: " The line between clever and stupid is a fine line-"I received a call tonight at my home from Robert Fisher supposedly with a summons that needed to be served for multiple incidences concerning my son who has not lived at home for the last years- He said that he would contact friend and family until he found him or his place of employement- He said that if he found his place of employment he would go there and serve him and have his employer witness- He left a number of , He said at the end of the message that this was the notice that our son had been served- Whats up with this?

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